2016 Youth Art Winners Named
Three SCCA judges chose the winners of the 2016 Youth Arts Awards last Saturday from 118 entires in 15 categories.
The entries were gathered by the school district's two new art teachers, Melissa Swift in the elementary school and Dylan Wiesner in the high school. Judges this year were SCCA president Helen Day and county artists Mary Ellen Minnier and Linda Roman.
Kindergarten: first, Leila Young, City Scape; second, Charley Insinger, Recycled Fish Collage; third, Adilynn Thibodeault, Recycled Fish Collage; honorable mention, Charley Insinger, Tissue Paper Snowflakes.
First Grade: first, Gabriella Evans, Piet Mondrian Animal; second, Kamden Whipple, Van Gogh's Sunflowers; third, Kimberlee Bown, Paul Klee Fish; honorable mention, William Malinowski, Van Gogh's Sunflowers.
Second Grade: first, Amira Bedford, Indian Elephant; second, Grace Sperry, Egyptian Portrait; third, Blaze Fitzgerald, Indian Elephant; honorable mention, Tucker Blasi, Egyptian Portrait.
Third Grade: first, Hunter O'Conner, Birch Trees; second, Holly Sperry, Birch Trees; third, Nora Chase, Tissue Paper Snowflakes.
Fourth Grade: first, Amber Eberlin, Fantastic Architecture; second, Karlee Wettlaufter, Fantastic Architecture; third, Karlee Wettlaufter, Positive and Negative Space Snowman; honorable mention, Elisha Giest, Fantastic Architecture.
Fifth Grade: first, Lyndsay Smith, Picasso Portrait; second, Caleb Seeley, Monochromatic Snow Man; third, Jasmine Wright, Monochromatic Snow Man; honorable mention, Cassidy Skoranski, Notan Design.
Sixth Grade: first, Lorena Marquardt, Zentangle Still Life; second, Grace Betts, Zentangle Still Life.
Ninth Grade, Drawing: first, Aaron Kinsey, Hobo the Dolphin; second, Emma Shadduck, The Lizard; third, Dakota Barto, The Fish; honorable mention, Andrew Okolowski, Instant Headache.
Ninth Grade, Mixed Media: first, Aaron Kinsey, Arctic Family; second, Dakota Barto, The Lion; third, Emma Shadduck, The Fox; honorable mention, Kaitlyn Miller, Running Free.
Tenth Grade, Drawing: first, Brice Hoffman, Carlos; second, Elizabeth Fluck, Remy; third, Kennedie Bahr, Aztec Elephant; honorable mention, Ariel Leahy, Bulldog.
Tenth Grade, Mixed Media: first, Quincy Fry, Elephant; second, Libby Schreffler, Whipping Boy, 10; third, Nathan Schreffler, Vader/Ren; honorable mention, Lizz Popadich, Dragonfly.
Eleventh Grade, Drawing: first, Hayden Baumunk, King; second, Jessica Boyd, Bumble Bee; third, Kadyn Heisman, The Lion; honorable mention, George Stockage, The Night.
Eleventh Grade, Mixed Media: first, Hayden Baumunk, The Face; second, Kadyn Heisman, Mockingbird; third, Jackie Hill, Rainbow Bear; honorable mention, Skylar N. Carpenter, Moonlight.
Twelfth Grade, Drawing: first, Kayla Magargle, Freedom; second, Molly Frey, Love Is What I Got; third, Morgan Farrell, Calm Kitty; honorable mention, Courtney Smith, Black on White.
Twelfth Grade, Mixed Media: first, Molly Frey, The Wizard; second, Carly Lewis, Good Morning Moon; third, Courtney Smith, Summer Night; honorable mention, Mackenzie Doyle, Sea Turtle.
 Congratulations to all these wonderful current and future artists.