In painting and drawing:
First prize was given to Diana Novoset for "Fleur-de-Lis." As in past years, Diana showed her mastery of vivid floral color with a portrait of iris that shows her watercolor skills are still "flowering."
Chuck Long took second prize for "Jackson Mansion," the most striking yet of his meticulous line drawings that master every nuance of architectural detail in "sprung" perspective.
Third prize went to Jillian McLuhan for "Lady," another superb detail work, this time in pastel, of a truncated female figure in a soft blue shift and elegant fluff jacket.
In photography:
Curtis Salonick's "The Dancer" was first-prize winner, capturing a formal female dancer in black and white stretched alone in a studio filled with soaking ambient light. Curtis also took third prize for a color print of "The Maiden," reclining, half asleep in an indefinite space.
Second prize went to Jim Cook for "The Elephant Walk," a black and white of two pachyderms practicing a routine or exchanging greetings against a background suggesting a circus.
In 3-D artwork:
First and third prizes were taken by Rita Millard for two quilting-and-stitchery works. "Waterfall," a cascade of silver-white stitching over a semi-naturalist background of quilted colors, was the judges' first-prize choice. "Falling Leaves," third prize, featured cloth leaf -shapes stitched on an autumnal background.
Second prize was awarded to Rusti Shaff for "Martha May,"a winsome fantasy-figure sculpture sitting with crossed legs and thinking of ... what?