2015 Youth Art Winners
Now entering their third decade, the Sullivan County Council on the Arts annual Youth Art Awards this year drew 197 entries from grades kindergarten through senior high school.
The winners were chosen by three area judges: Mural artist Cat Badger, watercolorist Ron Lent, and stained glass-scrimshaw artist Mary Ellen Minnier
The SCCA also wants to extend its lasting appreciation to the school district's two superb art teachers, Karen Oliver Rider in the elementary school and Deb McDonald in the high school, who will both be leaving us at the end of this year. They have brought color, life and an essential element of education to all the county's students and have been the backbone of the Youth Art Awards. They will be sorely missed and difficult to replace.
Ages 5 to 6 mixed media: First prize, Grace Zelewicz, Find the Leaf; second prize, Ilona Drauschak, Purple Heart; third prize, Sierra Bellerby, Dancing Potato; honorable mention, Miley Dickinson, Swimming Fish; honorable mention, Marley George, Swimming Fish.
Ages 6 to 7 mixed media: First prize, Preston Stueck, The Dog; second prize, August Harney, Owl; third prize, Bradi Warner, Let It Snow; honorable mention, Kira Hottenstein, The Dog; honorable mention, Sarah Silfies, Owl.
Ages 7 to 8 mxed media: First prize, Taylor Sznaider, Tucan; second prize, Marty Zigler, Cat; third prize, Hunter O'Conner, Leaf & Wind & Rain; honorable mention, Nevaeh Lund, Cat; honorable mention, Isaac Carr, Matisse Inspired Collage.
Ages 8 to 9 mixed media: First prize, Adelyn Zelewizc, The Elephant; second prize, Miranda Klein, The Black Cat; third prize, Erin Wise, Crazy Colors; honorable mention, Derrick Finnegan, Echo Leaf.
Ages 9 to 10 mixed media: First prize, Lyndsey Smith, Fall Tree; second prize, Kiersten Shoemaker, Colorful Trees; third prize, Caleb Seeley, Fall Tree; honorable mention, Cash Minier, Find the Heart.
Ages 10-11 mixed media: First prize, Jillian Verelst, Fall Tree; second prize, Zoe Pedro, Fall Tree; third prize, Chloe Shea, Forest; honorable mention, Kassidy Beinlich, Forest.
Ages 11-12 mixed media: First prize, Kyler Burke, Bird; second prize, Haley Spivey, Self Portrait; third prize, Yasler Montero-Salas, The Rock; honorable mention, Emily Geist, Mermaid.
Rotation art ages 12-15 2-D art: First prize, Kyleigh Ammerman, Field of Hope; second prize, Sam Skoranski, 3-D Handprint; third prize, Brandi Wood, Rainbow Polar Opposites; honorable mention, Kyleigh Ammerman, The Blue Lagoon; honorable mention, Michelle Molyneux, Magic of Disney.
Ages 12-15 mixed: First prize, Brue Hoffman, Gloomy Lighthouse; second prize, Ashlynn Bowling, Flowing Lines; third prize, Brue Hoffman, The Strangest of Nights; honorable mention, Ashlynn Bowling, Dream Difference.
Ages 14 to 16 3-D: First prize, Macy McCarthy, Daisy; second prize, Jackie Hill, Owl Mask; third prize, Jasper Graves, A Taste of Spring; third prize, Brianna Baldwin, Fall Getaway.
Ages 15 to 16 2-D: First prize, Hayden Baumunk, Heavy Crown; second prize, Kayla Shaffer, Peace; third prize, Hayden Baumunk, Elephant; honorable mention, Annamay Sherwood, Swirls.
Ages 15 to 16 acrylic painting: First prize, Abbey Paulhamus, Dark Dragon; second prize, George Stockage, Quiet Mountains; third prize, Ariel Leahy, Family Cat; honorable mention, Briana Haulman, Comic Relief; honorable mention, Skylar Carpenter, Blue Reflections.
Ages 15 to 16 ink drawing: First prize, Gunnar Kleese, Husky; second prize, Jessica Boyd, Flowery Butterfly; third prize, Kayla Shaffer, Illlusionati; honorable mention, Ariel Leahy, Gunner; honorable mention, Tyler Crofut, Tractor.
Ages 17 to 19 2-D: First prize, Taylor Hull, Aged Wisdom; second prize, Carly Lewis, Women; third prize, MacKenzie Doyle, Colored Shapes; honorable mention, Morgan Farrell, Circles; honorable mention, Emily McMahon, Laughter.
Ages 17 to 19 acrylic painting: First prize, Robert Hoffman, Blonde Chick; second prize, Kayla Magargle, The Wise One; third prize, Emily McMahon, Summer Breeze; honorable mention, Grace Hart, Lines; honorable mention, Michael Lee Martin, Country Land.
Ages 17 to 19 ink drawing: First prize, Emily McMahon, Paul; second prize, Tayler Hull, Stork Delivery; third prize, Courtney Smith, Farmall; honorable mention, Jaron Williams, Look in Lookout; honorable mention, Sadie Lewis, Mother and Child.