2013 Youth Art Award winners

Acrylic/tempera, ages 5-7, 1st Prize, Layne Price, My First Flower Painting; 2nd Prize, Caden Fluck,, Owl; 3rd Prize, Alexis Bartlett,  Rectangles; Honorable Mention, CDJ Koschak,  Flowers Using Secondary Colors.

Watercolor, ages 7-9, 1st Prize, Sydnie Stone, Winter's Chill; 2nd Prize, Alice Polcrack, Folk Art Cat; 3rd Prize, Cassidy Skoranski, Folk Art Cat; Honorable Mention, Sara Rine, Monet's Bridge.

Acrylic/tempera, ages 8-10, 1st Prize, Colton Pretti, Three Roses; 2nd Prize, Zoe Leahy, Blue Chair; 3rd Prize, Chloe Skaluba, Starry Night; Honorable Mention, Heidi Halbfoerster, Rose Chair.

Crayon/pastel/oil pastel, ages 10-12, 1st Prize, Madison Burke, Portrait; 2nd Prize, Samuel Carpenter, Portrait; 3rd Prize, Nathaniel Betts, Fall; Honorable Mention, Brandi Wood, Portrait.

Mixed media, ages 10-12, 1st Prize, Dylan Hottenstein, Fish; 2nd Prize, Joseph Stabryla, Fish; 3rd Prize, Rayanna Higley, Fish.

Pencil/colored pencil, ages 10-12, 1st Prize, Violet Williams, Ducks; 2nd Prize, Lilly Houseknecht, Self Portrait Eye; 3rd Prize, Madison Burke, Playful Pals; Honorable Mention, Leah Beinlich, A Study in Black and White.

Watercolor/acrylic/tempera, ages 10-12, 1st Prize, Brittany Halbfoerster, Solitude; 2nd Prize, Ethan Walker, Autumn Tree; 3rd Prize, Omar Rubio, Autumn Tree; Honorable Mention, Myranda Saylor, Solitude.

Color drawing, ages 12-14, 1st Prize, Kyleigh Ammerman, Frogs; 2nd Prize, Abigail Paulhamus, Friendly Dragon; 3rd Prize, Jasper Graves, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Orange Fish; Honorable Mention, Jacob Weikel, The Cookie Monster.

Block print, ages 14-16, 1st Prize, Dalton Lorow, Holy Fire; 2nd Prize, Jackie Bahr, Hummingbird; 3rd Prize, Sadie Lewis, Jack is Back; Honorable Mention, Brandy McBride, Exotic Splatters.

Conte, ages 14-16, 1st Prize, Kelly Kramer, The Cattail; 2nd Prize, Erika Spako, Blooming Beauty; 3rd Prize, Jeffrey Jordan, Flowers; Honorable Mention, Ysabela Bialer, Birdsong.

Pastel, 14-16, 1st Prize, Robert Hoffman, My Dog Brody; 2nd Prize, Sadie Lewis, Blush; 3rd Prize, Emily McMahon, Skin-Tone Harmony; Honorable Mention, Ysabela Bialer, Little Leaper.

Pencil/colored pencil, ages 14-16, 1st Prize, Shelby Zeller, Nightmare; 2nd Prize, Bridget Paonessa, Through the Trees; 3rd Prize, Lindsay Umstead, Screaming Alone; Honorable Mention, Kayla Magargle, Haunted Hall.

Pencil/colored pencil, ages 14-16 rotation students, 1st Prize, Dylan Ammerman, Summer's Gentle Breeze; 2nd Prize, Bethany Finch, Deep Blue Sea; 3rd Prize, Dylan Ammerman, Deep Thought in the Garden; Honorable Mention, Michael Fitzgerald, F-250; Honorable Mention, Tiffany MacElhaney, Cat.

Block print, ages 17-19, 1st Prize, Devin Strickland, The Thinker; 2nd Prize, Mackenna Bagley, The Peacock's Print; 3rd Prize, Shelby Zeller, Black Printing Ink; Honorable Mention, Brianna Baumunk, Injured Bird.

Conte, ages 17-19, 1st Prize, Devin Strickland, Charles the Cricket; 2nd Prize, Heather Geist, Backyard Beauty; 3rd Prize, Dan Kraus, Falling Nature; Honorable Mention, Shelby Zeller, Trees.

Pastel, ages 17-19, 1st Prize, Bagley, Mackenna, Passionate Peacock; 2nd Prize, Geist, Heather, Fuzzy Buddy; 3rd Prize, Brianna Baumunk, Envy, Love, Hate; Honorable Mention, David Spencer, Lone Tree.

Pencil/colored pencil, ages 17-19, 1st Prize, Brianna Baumunk, Amphibian Nightmare; 2nd Prize, Jesse Cooper, The Widower; 3rd Prize, Sadie Lewis, Stage Fright; Honorable Mention, Mystick Wood, Deer

One of a Kind, ages 7-9, Amanda Kocher, Fall's Beauty.

One of a Kind, ages 8-10, Kye McDonald, Primary Color Collage.

One of a Kind, ages 10-12, Lilly Houseknecht, Giraffes.

One of a Kind, ages 17-19, Heather Geist, 4 Seasons