2012 Youth Art Award Winners

Another terrific year for student art in Sullivan County. We had 209 entries for the 20th-anniversary Youth Art Exhibit, which will be at the library in Dushore through April 11. Don't miss it: It's a particularly wide-ranging and colorful exhibit this year, especially with the addition of sand painting (you have no idea how long it takes to paint 3,568,756,774 grains of sand).

Here are the winners. Each of the top three received a cash prize, and all received a fancy certificate.

Mixed, age 5-7:

1st Prize: Owen Brown, Toucan

2nd Prize: Ray Holt, Home

3rd Prize: Bryson Charles, Dog

Honorable Mention: Cassidy Skoranski, Panda

Mixed, age 7-9:

1st Prize: Tia Baldwin, Starry Night

2nd Prize: Tia Baldwin, Self Portrait

3rd Prize: Kyler Burke, Relief

Honorable Mention: Colton Ammerman, Horse

Mixed, age 9-11:

1st Prize: Lilly Houseknecht, Saturn

2nd Prize: Richie Weikel, Spring Tree

3rd Prize: Forrest Kline, Imagination City

Honorable Mention: Alexis Randall, Sunset

3-D, age 9-12:

1st Prize: Colton Ammerman, Brown/White Pinch Pot

2nd Prize: Elisabeth Popadich, Black Bunny

3rd Prize: Jesse Williams, Blue/White Pinch Pot

Honorable Mention: Joe McCarty, Shark

Mixed, age 11-12:

1st Prize: Kody Wells, Palm Trees

2nd Prize: Emily Wettlaufer, Self Portrait

3rd Prize: Kirsten Pedro, Fish

Honorable Mention: Johnathon Saxe, Self Portrait

Op-Art, age 14-19:

1st Prize: Heather Geist, Columns

2nd Prize: Alyssa McDonald, Confusion

3rd Prize: Courtney Chagnon, The Box

Honorable Mention: Autumn Henninger, Shaniqua

Painting, age 14-15:

1st Prize: Anne Kiner, Lovely Lotus

2nd Prize: Ean Ammerman, Poppies

3rd Prize: Emily McMan, Girl

Honorable Mention: Emily McMan, Simple Spring

Drawing, age 14-15:

1st Prize: Sadie Lewis, Horses of Eagles Mere

2nd Prize: Anne Kiner, Signs of Spring

3rd Prize: Emily McMan, My Everyday Taylors

Honorable Mention: Crystal Calaman, You Don't Know My Story

Sand Painting, age 16-17:

1st Prize: Brianna Baumunk, Colored Face of Girl

2nd Prize: Michaela Dennon, Incubus

3rd Prize: Sara Urner, Tree

Honorable Mention: MacKenna Bagley, Momma and Baby Giraffe

Watercolor Painting, age 16-17:

1st Prize: Brianna Baumunk, Summertime at the Stables

2nd Prize: Chana Bialer, Passion of the Peacock

3rd Prize: Sara Urner, Mark Robert

Honorable Mention: Heather Geist, Music of the Night

Drawing, age 16-17:

1st Prize: Jesse Cooper, Puzzled

2nd Prize: Devin Strickland, Masquerade 1

3rd Prize: Brianna Baumunk, Pride Rock

Honorable Mention: Courtney Chagnon, Draki

Sand Painting, age 18-19

1st Prize: Alyssa McDonald, Mosaic Man

2nd Prize: Katie McCarty, Feathers of the Rainbow

3rd Prize: Justine McCarty, Bee in Flowers

Honorable Mention: Jianna Jordan, Window of Floral Delight

Watercolor Paining, age 18-19:

1st Prize: Alyssa McDonald, The Faces of Barb

2nd Prize: Nathan Kiner, Lego Robots

3rd Prize: Katie McCarty, Foliage of the Fall

Honorable Mention: Autumn Henninger, Petunia

Drawing, age 18-20:

1st Prize: Rashon Tate, Style

2nd Prize: Huewin Campbell, Jr., Grim Hold

3rd Prize: Nathan Kiner, Come Closer

Honorable Mention: Justine McCarty, Sweet Taste of Strawberries

Chesapeake Donation Supports Arts Council Student Awards

For the second year, Chesapeake Energy has donated $2,000 to the Sullivan County Council on the Arts (SCCA) to support awards to high-school-level students. The donation is also being used to purchase lighting and sound equipment for the Roving Historical Theater and to revamp the art-hanging system at the Sullivan County Library.

The funds for student awards have helped increase both the level and extent of the SCCA's commitment to encouraging student art from the Sullivan County High School, home schoolers, and the Red Rock Job Corp Center.

The annual Choice of Show cash award, given to the artist producing the single work of art judged best at the annual high school art show, has been significantly increased. As in previous years, the work purchased will be framed and placed on permanent exhibit at the high school.

 The original Chesapeake donation helped establish two new award programs in 2011: the annual Literary Awards, covering prose and poetry, and the Theater Award presented to the senior-level student who has contributed the most to theater over his or her school career. Both these awards are open to home schoolers, as well as Sullivan County High School students.

The remainder of this year's donation will go to expanding the Roving Historical Theater lighting system with two new spotlights, inaugurating the theater's first professional sound system, and relocating a gallery hanging system from the Agricultural Center to the library in Dushore. The hanging system will also be considerably expanded to provide a continuing showcase for local artists and a better way of displaying the SCCA's annual Youth Art Exhibit.