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Roving Theater DVDs
DVDs of our Roving Historical (and Hysterical) Theater productions are available. To order copies ($20, plus $2 if you want it mailed), send a check or money order to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore, PA, 18614.
For information, email info [at] or call (570) 245-5694.

"The Home Front"

For 2014 – the final year in its original 8-play cycle – the Roving Historical Theater traveled to Muncy Valley, Sonestown and Nordmont, to cover the varied history of Sullivan County residents' involvement in our nation's military history. "The Home Front" was performed at the Valley United Methodist Church in Muncy Valley.

The choice of focus came from a fortunate confluence of places and events: It fell close to the 150th anniversary of the ending of the Civil War, on the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, and one year before the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

But the determining link was the presence of the Endless Mountains War Memorial Museum in Sonestown, a beyond-remarkable collection of military and war-related items put together by the indefatigable Jack Crafts, who provided uniforms, rifles and military gear to add a stunning sense of realism to the play.

The Valley Church welcomed us with open arms, allowing us to transform their chancel into settings ranging from a clothespin factory to post-D-Day France. 


Welcome to the Sullivan County Council on the Arts

Welcome the Roving Historical Hysterical Theater!

NOTE: The complete scripts to our plays for 2007-2014, as well as the Renaissance Feast plays given in 2005 and 2006, can be accessed from our archives.

Roving into Absurdity

Too many people have lamented the greatly exaggerated death of the Roving Historical Theater, since we have completed our eight-play cycle examining the historical background and local industries of Sullivan County's unique communities. Laugh it off – ha ha! We ain't dead guys, we've just changed costume to become the Roving Hysterical Theater.

"What's that?" you might say. Here's the skinny: November 6-8, 2015, we hosted our first three-performance variety weekend.

We led off with a signature annual event, the Celtic Martins – the liveliest, most talented family of musicians seen since Nero and the Hot-Town Fiddlers of 35 AD.

The second evening featured Bob Milne, recognized as the greatest living ragtime pianist (and one of the most fascinating minds on Planet Earth).

Wrapping up the weekend was the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Review, a rejuvenation of vaudeville, featuring local musical and acting talents sheltered under the umbrella of the Roving Hysterical Theater, Sullivan County's newest, silliest and most ambitious comedy troupe.

Where will it all end? No one knows, and few dare speculate, but we doing it again in 2016.

When? 7 pm, August 26-28, 2016.

Where? St. Basil's Hall, Dushore.

Tickets are available in advance: $10 for adults for each performance, $1 for students through high school, preschool free (because they're so cute). Even better: adults can get a weekend pass at $25. Call (570) 245-5694 or just send a check to SCCA, PO box 243, Dushore, PA 18614. All tickets will be held at the door (if we could afford to mail stuff we'd be an entirely different organization).

The Roving Theater (historical, hysterical or otherwise) is a work-in-progress, its realization depending on the musicians, actors, writers and others who become involved. Casting and involvement are open to anyone in Sullivan County and the immediately surrounding area, regardless of age or experience.

Anyone interested in joining or helping can phone us at (570) 245-5694 or email info [at]


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