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Vaudeville DVD!

Yes, we did it!

We made a DVD of the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue!

Recorded by Caitlin Davis!

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Send a check or money order to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore PA 18614!

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Or toss in an extra $2 per copy for shipping and fondling!

Lucky, lucky you!

Ultimate Musical Theater Weekend
The SCCA filled St. Basil's Hall in Dushore with music and nonsense almost nonstop from Friday evening, August 26, through Sunday night.
First came the annual explosion of Irish music and dance by the Celtic Martins on Friday, followed on Saturday by the Martin Sisters Band doing swing and Western swing, the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue and, last but far from least, folk and blues singer Geoff Muldaur, who drew fans from as far as Virginia.
The Sunday wrapup featured a fiddle workshop for kids and adults and a second appearance by the Vaudeville Revue.
The new, bigger, higher stage brought the Martins' spectacular step dancing up to eye level and gave the Vaudeville Revue a two-level performance space for its multiple restaurant scenes and the engaging presence of Oatley the Mathematical Horse. Repeat appearances by Sir Geoffrey Svelte and Ayhaitcha Gutz smeared insult and arrogance across the audience, and the fearsome Watch Children threatened to dissect beleaguered emcee Tom Jones.
Muldaur found an appreciative audience here, his voice stunningly alive and undiminished by the years.
As for the Martins ensemble, its nine members both entice and enliven, bringing out the kind of immediate enthusiasm that other groups can only envy.

Welcome to the Sullivan County Council on the Arts

Looking Forward to
Local Arts in 2017

The Sullivan County Council on the Arts (SCCA) is an umbrella organization working to foster and preserve the artistic and cultural lives of the residents of Sullivan County, a rural community of small towns, hemlock forests and serenity in the heart of the Endless Mountains.

For a pdf copy of our 2016 brochure, click here.

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Our Archives page holds links to all our theater scripts and prize winners.

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Looking Ahead

Youth Art Awards Join with Recycling Art Contest at 25th-Year Celebration

The Sullivan County Council on the Arts this year celebrates a quarter century of the Youth Art Awards with a special celebration set for April 22 - Earth Day - at the Sullivan County Library in Dushore. The Arts Council will join with the second annual Recycling Art Contest, overseen by elementary school art teacher Melissa Swift and Karen Black from the Galleria on Rt. 220.

The Youth Art program supports the visual Arts in grades k-12, embracing students in public, private and home schooled learning. A panel of judges will select prize winners in multiple age categories. The top three winners in each category will receive cash prizes.

For the Recycling Art, a second group of judges, chosen by Melissa and Karen, will select 20 3-D pieces for display in the library - 10 from the lower elementary grades, 10 from the upper. Entries, all composed from recycled objects, with be judged on Integration and Transformation; Creativity and Uniqueness; and Presentation. The top four winners in each group will receive cash prizes. An overall Best in Show winner will be voted on by the public.

All the art work for both contests is scheduled for delivery to the library on April 10 and will be hung or set in place during that week, with an official opening on Saturday, April 15, following the judging of the Youth Art. During the setup, members of the Arts Council will be cataloging the Youth Art work.

At the April 22 celebration, all the Youth Art and Recycling Art winners will receive their prizes. Youth Art honorable mentions and and all Recycling Art entrants featured will receive certificates. The ceremonies will take place in the afternoon, exact times to be announced later in the Sullivan Review.

Earth Day celebrations will be featured throughout Dushore, with a special focus on the Fish Festival at Kass Pond, where the public will be invited to vote on Best of Show.

The Youth Art will hang at the library for two weeks, through April 29 before being returned to the school. The Recycling Art will return to the Elementary School, where it will remain on display until the school's art show, May 4.

Arts Council Kicks off Its Annual Membership Drive

The Sullivan County Council on the Arts has started its annual membership drive, sending out its 2017 brochure, an introductory letter and membership card to everyone who has joined the organization over the past four years.

But that's only the tip of the membership iceberg: You, reading this, have a chance to join too.

Why should you? Here are a few reasons:

The SCCA is the only county-wide organization devoted solely to the arts - all the arts.

We provide a wide variety of programs for the county's youth - the Sullivan County School District, home schoolers, private schoolers and Red Rock Job Corps Center trainees. The programs cover the visual arts (the Youth Art Awards and Choice of Show award), writing (the annual Literature Contest and awards) and theater (our Theater Award to the senior-level student who has done the most for the dramatic arts).

Always looking to broaden both student and adult programs, over the past few years we have increased the scope of our Fall Art Expo for the visual arts; this year we will include a youth category.

Our Roving Historical Theater presented a unique original play each season for eight years that covered the history and industry of a particular county community. For the last two years, the Roving Hysterical Theater delivered a night of original vaudeville routines during our Ultimate Music Theater Weekend, and also at the Sullivan County Fair in 2016.

Last year we expanded our Ultimate Music Theater Weekend, with the return of the Celtic Martins, plus folk music artist Geoff Muldaur, the Martin Sisters band and multiple vaudeville performances. This year, the Celtic Matins return, along with the Greenwood Valley Boys bluegrass band and square dancing.

We also bring interactive programs to the county's two eldercare centers - the Highlands and Darway - annually.

Our energetic schedule requires a steady income to flourish. Though we are constantly exploring new sources of grant funding and do receive small state and country grants and support from local businesses, in the end, it's our membership that keeps us alive and thriving.

Arts Council membership dues run $25 for individuals or families, $50 for Patron level, $100 for benefactor.

What do you get for your outlay?

The most substantial benefit of your membership is your continuing support for the arts in Sullivan County - vital, irreplaceable human activity.

The more tangible benefits include:

A 10% discount on all admission fees, classes and group activities of the Arts Council

A membership card

A regular email update on all SCCA activities (if you choose to share your email address)

So please consider joining - or rejoining - the Arts Council today. You can download membership form here and mail it to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore PA 18614 and know that you have provided something of lasting value to your community.

Arts Council Literary Contest to Run Through March

As the SCCA Literary Awards slip into their seventh year, the Arts Council, heeding the advice of our high school English teachers, has turned the contest into an almost year-long program.

In former years, it ran only during the spring months of the school year, which on occasion brought it into conflict with the school's testing schedule.

For 2016-17, by contrast, the program is starting in October and will continue through mid-March. The English teachers have been provided with humorous posters to catch student attention (and from word received so far, it's working) plus guideline sheets that provide the contest's rather minimal rules - basically, no profanity or obscenity.

The contest is open not only to students in the Sullivan County High School, but also to home schoolers and private schoolers who reside in the county: Indeed, several past winners have come from these areas. The four top winners will receive cash prizes.

Fiction, non-fiction and poetry are eligible for entry (with the Nobel Prize in Literature being awarded to Bob Dylan, song lyrics are also fair game). Writing done for the high school student newspaper is eligible as well. All students will be judged on the total body of work submitted, be it a single story or a collection of poetry, stories or articles.

The Arts Council asks that the number of entries per student be limited to four, but in the past this limitation has been waved when contest moderator Linda White was flooded with top-draw material.

Linda emphasizes, as always, that the judges will be looking for highly creative work - what's vital to the author and interesting to the reader, not just "what's expected." With more time to develop their ideas, and with more time for the teachers to promote the contest, she feels that the Arts Council should end up with especially resplendent material.

Work may be entered at any time, starting immediately, but will not be judged until the close of the contest, March 15. Students in the district, home schoolers and private schoolers may email material to Though print or hand-written material will also be accepted, it's easier on the eyes and typing fingers of the contest administrators to receive digital files.

Entries will be judged anonymously, but authors, please, include your name and contact information on your material.

Winners and runners-up will be published in the Arts Council's Hills and Valleys magazine, which will also highlight the winners of the Youth Art Award for visual art.

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