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Vaudeville DVD!

Yes, we did it!

We made a DVD of the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue!

Recorded by Caitlin Davis!

And you can get a copy!

For only $20!

(All exclamation points free!)

Such a deal!

Send a check or money order to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore PA 18614!

Simply multiple the number of copies you want by $20 to arrive at the correct figure if you plan to pick up your copies!

Or toss in an extra $2 per copy for shipping and fondling!

Lucky, lucky you!

A Side-Splitting Vaudeville Preview
The Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue - the comedic theatrical arm (and leg) of the Sullivan County Council on the Arts - will make its second (possibly annual) appearance August 27-28 in St. Basil's Hall, Dushore, and also September 1 in the Forksville Fairgrounds grandstand during the Sullivan County Fair.
The question that has filled the air of late: What exactly will this band of raving goofs be performing? Glad you asked. The RHTVRAOTNR, as it is known to its friends, will be reeling off a continuous buffoonacious mix of comic routines and off-key musical numbers. We thought you might like a quick preview of this work-ever-in-progress, so here it is. We call this skit "The Watch Children." You may call it whatever you like. And if your sides are not split after reading this, that's probably all to the good.
"The Watch Children": A one-act salute to signs and sign language.
EMCEE: On my way in today, I decided to stop by to visit my old friend, Methuselah. Just before I reached his house I passed one of those "Watch Children" signs. You see them all the time, so I paid it no particular mind, which was my undoing. For as I turned the corner, there they were: the Watch Children, straining at their leashes, gnashing their fangs and making threatening lunges. Naturally, I backed off, but I was trapped. They broke free, ripped my pants, lacerated my ankles and pummeled my hands with sticky lollipops. I still have the scars. Let me tell you -
a rattle of chains, high-pitched yet guttural shouts and general childish hullaballoo
EMCEE: Good lord, they've found me! Guards! Security! I have to escape! [dashes around madly disoriented]
LEAD WATCH CHILD: [peering out from backstage] There is no escaping the Watch Children.
Emcee leaps off stage and into the audience. The Watch Children, collars and chains hanging from their necks, boil out from backstage, chasing him as he ducks in and out of the rows, pawing and harassing the audience in passing. Miss Marginella runs back and forth in front of the stage, whimpering, then suddenly gets an idea. She reaches into a pot set on the right corner of the stage and fills her pockets, then dashes into the aisle.
MARGINELLA: Treat! Treat! Here, children, treat!
She holds out several fortune cookies. The Watch Children move toward her leerily. She raises her hand above each Child's head in an affectionate half-tease, making them jump to get their snack. She pats them on the head and scritches their ears. They chew the cookies rapidly, scratching themselves and snapping at each other.
MARGINELLA: Good child, good!
Emcee half sneaks around the far side aisle and back to the stage.
EMCEE: Whew, that was close. [calls out] Good thinking, Miss Marginella. But ... how can we get them out of here?
MARGINELLA: [thinking for a moment] I know. Children! I heard an ice cream truck, a BIG one. Go get it!
bell clangs, the Watch Children jump with excitement and lope out the door at a dog-like run
MARGINELLA: They just love to chase cars.
EMCEE: It's a shame when they bite the tires.
MARGINELLA: But they're so cute when they've finished eating their Child Chow and curl up at your feet.

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Local Arts in 2016

The Sullivan County Council on the Arts (SCCA) is an umbrella organization working to foster and preserve the artistic and cultural lives of the residents of Sullivan County, a rural community of small towns, hemlock forests and serenity in the heart of the Endless Mountains.

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Looking Ahead

Geoff Muldaur Joins the Ultimate Weekend
Blues and folk legend Geoff Muldaur will be joining the Ultimate Musical Theater Weekend, August 26-28 at St. Basil's Hall in Dushore.
Over more than half a century, Geoff has developed a singing and guitar-playing style that's not just unique but almost indescribable. It's quiet but not crooning, often gentle but occasionally laced with raucous humor, based on the blues one minute but traveling off into a personal exploration of alternate reality the next.
He started out with the Jim Kweskin Jug Band in the 1960s, his voice floating up on its own warm draft - high, spiraling, dreamy much of the time, though given to quick, aggressive runs up the stairs on songs like "France Blues." In the 1970s, he and his then wife, Maria, hit their stride on two superb albums, Pottery Pie and Sweet Potatoes. (That's Geoff singing "Brazil," from Pottery Pie, in the dream-sequence intro to Terry Gilliam's movie of the same name.)
On his 1990s albums, Password and The Secret Handshake, Geoff effortlessly mixes reimaginings of folk and blues standards with his own compositions that you would swear have always existed. Password's Geoff is an old Joe sitting on his porch, picking and strumming and letting that ruminative voice roll right over you, while adding a serene, ethereal sense of beauty ("Wait 'til I put on My Robe," "Some of These Days").
Few singer-songwriters of Geoff's all-encompassing caliber are still around, and fewer still have retained their signature voice and quality of presentation the way he has. He's a one-and-only, the prize bowl on the shelf that can never be replaced.
Geoff Muldaurwill appear Saturday, August 27, 7 pm, at St. Basil's Hall.
Ultimate Weekend Specials: Martin Sisters Band and a Children's Workshop
This year's Ultimate Musical Theater Weekend will feature special treats for the younger set.
On Saturday, August 27 at noon, the Martin Sisters Band will make their first showing in Sullivan County. The three Martin daughters from the Celtic Martins - Emily, Melissa, and Christy - will bring a mix of Western swing, 40's swing and jazz to St. Basil's Hall in Dushore, with three-part fiddle and vocal harmonies, backed by acoustic bass (Eric Fisher) and guitar (Butch Imhoff).
Will they include their classic Celtic step dancing? They aren't saying, but we doubt that the audience will allow them to leave the hall without a few high-kicking turns on the new, bigger, higher St.Basil's stage.
The next day, Sunday, August 28 at 2 pm, the full contingent of Martins will present a children's workshop. Like last year, this free event will include setting the kids up with fully functional mini violins - a rare hands-on introduction to instrument-playing that emphasizes the fact we all are musicians at heart and that it's possible to pick up the basics at any age.
The workshop will include chances to win items like a Celtic Martins CD and other prizes. And there will be refreshments! And it's all free!
But don't forget the other highlights of the Ultimate Weekend: The Celtic Martins, Friday at 7 pm; blues and old timey singer/songwriter Geoff Muldaur, Saturday at 7 pm; and the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue, Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday at 7 pm.
Ultimate Musical Theater Weekend: August 26-28 in St. Basil's Hall, Dushore. Tickets to all major concerts are $10 for adults, $1 for students through high school, pre-school free; a weekend pass to all events is $25. email info at or phone 570-245-5694 to reserve tickets. And look for the SCCA on Facebook.
2016 Fall Art Expo
The SCCA is accepting entries through September 23 for jurying in its annual Fall Art Expo. To simplify the jurying, artists can send photos of their work, either by email or standard mail. There is no fee for jurying, but if the artwork is accepted there will be a $20 entry fee for up to three pieces.
One of the longest-running programs the SCCA has undertaken in its 26-year history, the Art Expo is open to our widest audience of working artists. This notice is being sent to artists throughout the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York, and to galleries in several counties.
At least $1,200 in cash prizes will be awarded, along with the usual People's Choice Award. Categories include painting, drawing, photography and three-dimensional art - basically, anything an artist of quality can produce.
Art Expo at the Forksville Fairgrounds, Rt. 154, Forksville, PA, during the Sullivan County Fall Festival, October 8-9, 10 am-5 pm. Click here for a PDF application. Questions concerning the Expo should be directed to Helen Day, helenday139 at or 570-245-5694.
PS: If this notice has reached a gallery or arts association, please distribute to your membership. 

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